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JOi actions in stores against COVID-19

Below is a summary of the actions JOI Canadian Stores has taken against the new coronavirus and its implementation in stores.

1. Information for JOi collaborators (Week 14, 2020)


As you know, there is a pandemic declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) throughout the world due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we must be prepared for any eventuality that may arise related to it.

Due to this, it is important to be vigilant and prepared in case of an increase in cases and that it becomes more contagious, so we will take the following precautionary measures that apply to all JOI Canadian Stores collaborators.


2. Procedure for preventing contagion in the store

Access to customer store

1. The store will designate an ambassador who will be in charge of delivering baskets to customers, as well as providing antibacterial gel to each of our customers.

2. All stores must have a dispenser to provide gel to customers.

3. The ambassador must wear latex gloves for protection and cover mouths.

4. The baskets must be grouped at an intermediate point at the entrances of the stores to be sanitized with Gel or sanitizing cleaners.

a. Use a dispenser or a sprinkler in spray mode.

b. Take paper towels to clean the baskets, mix sanitizing cleaner and Chlorine, 5 times cleaner for 1 chlorine.

c. Let dry before handing over to customers.

5. Clean baskets will be delivered to customers who require them. Box area and Checkout

1. Apply sanitizing liquid or gel constantly on the counter. 2. Paper towels with sanitizing liquid, apply to the paper and clean the cashier keyboards and POS terminals. General 1. Keep your dining bar clean.

2. The cleaning of the common areas must be daily and always maintained. 3. Toilet wash it twice a day. 4. Internal staff should not shake hands or kiss. Keep your distance from any internal and external person. 5. Management has the responsibility to immediately identify and report any employee who presents any symptoms such as temperature, flu, cough, etc. And send it home. 6. Maintain communication with the affected personnel to be aware of their situation.

3. Action Plan to implement access control


- Management will verify that there are security conditions for JOI staff and clients.

- They will be attentive to prevent crowds inside the store,

- If there are more than 20 people inside the store, they must order access and

allowing entry until a customer leaves.

- As soon as customers leave, enter new customers.

- Implement the previously sent procedure for cleaning and delivery of baskets, as well as providing Sanitizing Gel to our customers.

- Only the curtain next to the box area will be opening. The rest of the curtains will remain closed.


4. Priority supply


1.- Household cleaning items, such as chemical products, cleaners, chlorine, disinfectants, etc.

2.- Household paper, napkins, paper towels, Kleenex, toilet paper, disposable plates and cups, etc.

3.- Basic personal care such as hand soaps, disinfectants, sanitizing gel, etc.

4.- Basic groceries; water, beans, rice, pasta for soup, dressings, etc.

5.- Cleaning tools, brushes, rags, gloves, etc.


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